Monday, June 11, 2012

booze. and other things that happened this week..

It's been a big week for booze. Or at least for me hanging out in distilleries....

It's not really dessert I know, but it's sweet and it's what I was up to.

First Vodka. Who knew that vodka doesn't always suck on its own? And that it is sometimes particularly good in a giant moscow mule....

I covered the launch of Glass Vodka and the Glass Distillery in SODO on friday. Mostly I got to to listen men in silver suits with pocket squares tell me about premium Vodka and got to feel a little like P.Diddy on a yatch.  It was fun.

I also got to eat steak on little squares of toast.


That would have still been a good about amount of distillery action for me for one week, or rather, more than usual. But then on Saturday I got to help bottle, label, and package Big Gin for my friends at Captive Spirit.  Seriously what a perfect Saturday.  Good music, good people, good coffee, and of course good gin.

Really good gin.

Specifically,  I got to try their barrel aged gin- aged in barrels from Heaven Hills Distillery- and that tastes exactly how I sometimes wish whiskey tasted like all of the time.  Good bless America.

Oh and one last thing non-booze related, for now at least I still think rhubarb lemon gin and tonics sound good, I bought, sliced, bagged, and froze a lot of rhubarb.

A lot. Somewhere in the eight to ten pounds range....

It won't be exactly the same, I know, but the chance at winter rhubarb pies and dream bars was too hard to resist, if they last that long...


  1. Make me a strawberry rhubarb pie and come to Portland on friday night. I am going to a Dolly parton tribute show, you were the first person I thought of when I saw the flyer, I feel like you would love it. You can bring some moscow mules too, damn now I want a moscow mule......

  2. I would love to do that! Why do silly things get in the way? miss you, have a moscow mule for me though!