Monday, July 2, 2012

practice makes perfect.

I've expressed my devotion to grapefruit, love of lemon, and secret hatred of orange, but what about lime?

Other than when it's garnishing my margaritta, or when I'm reaching over them to buy lemons in the grocery store, limes and I rarely cross paths. Until now.

Now, with a little practice I plan on adding these to my repitoire...

Here's a fun fact about limes. The British Military were late to the game in scurvy prevention, relying on limes rather than the lemons many of their Caribbian Colonies had already realized provided 4 times as much vitamin C, earning themselves the nickname limey.  History lesson of the day. 

But back to lime bars. I prefer the edge pieces because the shortbread crust acts like a little spoon, on which to more easily consume the deliciously tart, seriously tart, lime custard filling.  

Here's the thing about limes though.

They are really very tart. Much more sour in fact, than lemons.  So while I followed the same recipe I use to make lemon or grapefruit bars- I think next time I will add a little more sugar.

Sweet, tart, scurvy preventing or otherwise- I think practice is going to make perfect in this case.

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