Monday, July 18, 2011

And I am off!

The past nine months have brought a lot of beginnings my way.  Finishing school, driving across the country to rainy, mountainous (and as I was soon to find out foodie) Seattle embarking on a Journey to discover new places and faces.  The biggest beginning to come my way, however, is more aptly defined by the noun reunion.  A homecoming if you will, in which I returned, happily so, to food.  After many years as a vegetarian, a stint or two as a vegan, and a forever egg-hater my body and soul had enough. It started with fish, moved into meat, and finally the cake icing so to speak- butter and eggs. And let me tell you- it has been a happy return.
What am I doing with a blog you may ask?  This blog is an exploration of food. Real, natural, good-for-you-and-your- soul food.  While I am exploring my savory culinary skills as well, Painetpanache, will be just that-  a lot of  reckless and courageous baking.  Additionally, it is a place for my writing, a passion that has always filled my head and heart, and an adventure with eggs and butter that is sure to fill my belly.
First steps include a lot of recipe searching and baking. Did I mention I have no idea what I am doing? While I have always had an above average sweet tooth I know nothing about baking. So, not only will this blog be a place to hold space for writing, it will be a vehicle for learning new skills, and quite possibly diving into a new career.  While I have been skeptical of blogs in the past I welcome such a public, as I hope it will become, forum for this culinary field trip, as I will soon be in desperate need for eaters.  On the menu: bread, clafoutis, macaroons, and of course croissants. How does that sound? I will bake, write, and take the occasionally photo and you shall be fed.  Sound like fun? I think so.

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