Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I may be falling...

for Huckleberries.

Seriously, west coast, just when I begin to curse you for your rain and your perpetual grayness- I remember the five pound bag of Huckleberries in my freezer.  Hands off though, these berries are few and far between, and I refuse to reveal my source.

These berries are tart and with a simple filling of lemon juice, sugar, and cornstarch-- perfect for pie. In fact, they may be made for it.

Don't let it fool you though- as sweet as it is in pie, these berries have a dangerous side as well. Make sure you add enough cornstarch because if you dont....

Then you may have to explain why you look like you've been murdered, but why you are smiling walking down the street carrying a pie.

But it's a pie worth sharing, especially when you get dinner out of it.

Hence a new tradition, thus far dubbed Lambleberry 

Lamb for pie.  Genius.

Happy Turkey- Day everyone.

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